Why Moving Mentor?

We don't just move possessions. Sometimes we are removing burdens that affect two or more generations.

Moving Mentor supports its clients through the practical tasks of moving and helps them process the emotions that accompany a life transition.

The result is a sense of renewal for all when the move is over.

We focus on our clients, not their stuff​.

It's our privilege to get to know clients as we help them sort and move their possessions. While other move managers offer to sell clients' unneeded things, we don't. Why? We use vetted vendors and auctioneers for that process, so our focus can stay on the client. When you hire us, you are hiring a neutral party who works exclusively for you (and your family) and whose purpose is to support your well-being.​

We seek charitable outlets for repurposing the furniture and other household items that our clients and their families can't sell or keep. We also go out of our way to ensure that any household clean-out is as "green" as possible. After all, doing right by the planet—and our neighbors in need—is good for the home we all share.​

What can Moving Mentor clients expect?

  • We partner with you to restore a sense of calm and order when life feels overwhelming or out of control.  ​
  • We give you the gift of personal attention and deep listening. ​
  • Moving Mentor is by your side as you make meaningful, informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones.