Tips For A Stress-Less Move  

1.  You are not downsizing …

… you are RIGHT-Sizing.

2.  Adopt a Moving Mentor Mindset™ 

…remember that:

  • You are not just moving, you are moving on
  • You can go from clinging, fear and worry to confidence and positive anticipation
  • You can go from a feeling of leaving and loss to appreciating the new life that will unfold
  • You can go from feeling like you are in a crisis to being open to the opportunities

Learn more about The Moving Mentor Mindset™ .

3. Tell Your Stories

As you go through your possessions, tell your stories about them and share what they mean to you. Whether you do this in person with others or over the phone, telling stories reminds you of where you’ve been, puts you in touch with thoughts and ideas important to your future, and brings closure.

4.  Be Structured

Do a little bit of work at a time. Notice your energy. Is it better in the morning or in the afternoon? Always do less than you could do. 

5.  Build in Advocacy and Support

In other words, identify those who can help and don’t do it alone.  Make a list of people who can help you:

  • Get organized.
  • Downsize  click here for downsizing tips.
  • Tell stories. 
  • Do errands and make donation runs. Find out how here.
  • Gather information by phone and internet.

6.  Maintain Momentum

  • When you finish a task, make a list of next steps. Divide them into manageable pieces. Our “101 Ways To Get Yourself Moving” can help you.
  • Communicate with family and friends about possessions. Get them to take their stuff away and to identify anything you have that they may want if you don’t want it. 
  • Measure and do floor planning. 

7.   Build Bridges

  • If you are moving locally, spend time in the place you are moving to, getting to know some of your future neighbors. If that isn’t possible, identify and get to know someone who can be a “phone buddy” or neighbor before you move in. 
  • Pace the packing. If the move is local and there’s an overlap in your ownership of both homes, move kitchen and bathroom boxes a few days before the furniture and get those rooms settled first.

Want a short guide to help you organize your move?

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