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We offer an à la carte menu of services so you can decide how we can help you the most and also stay within your budget. It is comforting for you to know that you can decide as you go along about what you will do yourself and what we will help you with. Moving Mentor’s consultants can bring relief. We offer phone, e-mail and onsite consultations at a time of day or evening that works for you. The first 30 minutes by phone is free. Often one consultation can send you on your way.

Phone Consultation 

Are you noticing that an aging loved one’s needs are changing? Are you worried about how they are faring? Moving Mentor® can partner with you. At a mutually agreed upon day and time you can talk live with a consultant at Moving Mentor, Inc. to think through what is going on and to figure out next steps. Whether you live near or far from your loved one there are many ways to help them and give yourself peace of mind. Arrange a phone consultation. Call 413-549-1039 or Email Us.

E-mail Consultation 

An e-mail from you to us can give you an opportunity to share what is going on in your family and to find out if we can help with your situation. Give us a summary of what is happening or send us the details and we will respond in a timely way with information and ideas.  Email Us.

Onsite Consultation 

Moving Mentor’s consultants can travel to your location. Generally we travel within the Northeast of the United States, but by special arrangement we can travel wherever you or your loved one are located. You can also arrange to consult with us at our offices or at a pre-arranged destination that works for everyone. Call 413-549-1039 or Email Us.