Are you or a loved one going through some changes? Anticipating a move? We offer a range of services to help you navigate any life transition. 


Get heard — and gain practical, strategic insights to help you plan.​

  • Coaching, strategic planning
  • Guidance on all practical aspects of a move or transition​
  • Clarity on the “where/why/when/how” of moving vs. aging-in-place​
  • Resources and referrals from a team that has been through the senior moving process both personally and via many years of client moves​
  • Facilitating family communication around the aging process

Downsizing & Organizing

Transform burdensome spaces into spaces that energize you.

  • Downsizing (“rightsizing”) household possessions​
  • ​Onsite organizing for domestic and storage spaces
  • ​Household & paper files​
  • ​Preparing and delivering donations​
  • ​Other custom tasks

Move Management

Support for all aspects of your move, from the big picture to the details.

  • Strategic planning​
  • Furniture measurement ​
  • Floor planning​
  • Facilitating dispersal of possessions ​
  • Facilitating donations + dispersal of items to reduce waste​
  • Custom packing (if warranted)​
  • Coordinating with retirement ​communities, realtors, art shippers, auctioneers, and haulers
  • Coordinating with another senior move manager (for long-distance moves)
  • Supporting clients’ well-being during and after a transition
  • Working with family after a loved one has died

Moving Mentor to the Rescue​

"How did I accumulate all this STUFF? And what do I do with it?"
(We get asked that a lot.)
Our organizers & move managers can bring order to any space.

  • Kitchens​
  • Bedrooms​
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms​​
  • Offices​
  • Garages​
  • Attics​
  • Basements
  • Storage Units

Paper organizing services

Paper clutter is stressful and costly. Moving Mentor can help.

  • Financial records
  • Medical records
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Property-related documents (deeds, utilities, household manuals)
  • File of Life
  • Wills, Healthcare Proxy (HCP), Power of Attorney (POA) paperwork​
  • Photographs & other sentimental items (cards, diplomas, etc.) ​

Gift Certificates

Do you wish you could help a loved one from a distance? A gift certificate lets them select the service(s) they want.


  • Care Management​
  • House cleaners​
  • Lawn care​
  • Painters ​
  • Repairs​
  • Realtors​
  • Estate Attorneys​
  • Financial Planners
  • Furniture Sales​
  • Clean-out Services​
  • Trash Hauling​
  • Auctioneers​
  • Appraisals ​
  • Specialty art crating ​
  • Insurance