Don't Want to Sift Through Decades of Possessions? Hire a Senior Move Manager
Lisa Scherzer, Barron's, 9/23/23

Reviewing the "sheer volume of accumulated stuff" from many decades spent living in the same home can be both physically and emotionally taxing. Senior move managers are there to lessen the burden and smooth the journey to your next home.

Meet the Woman Who Photographed Every Single Thing She Owned

Why is moving often so hard?  Moving compels us to evaluate all of our "stuff" in its often surprising quantity. (Fun fact: The average American home now contains ~300,000 objects!)

Sweetheart Shadowboxes Turn Family Ephemera into Art

Sometimes a pile of sentimental items can be framed and turned into art. These items - love letters recording the courtship of Barbara Perman's parents - made a beautiful wedding gift to Barbara's son and daughter-in-law.

Could you imagine doing something similar with your own heirlooms?

[These shadowboxes were made by the Hope & Feathers frame shop and gallery in Amherst, Massachusetts.]

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