Moving Yourself Or A Loved One

The thought of moving can be overwhelming. Moving Mentor® will help you divide the moving process into manageable tasks. We listen to your needs and help you set goals that are doable. We can also help transform moving from just something to “get through” to the opening up of a new phase of life. 

Moving Mentor® can facilitate all the practical aspects of a move. We help you . . .

Organize your thinking
•    Set goals and priorities
•    Make meaningful decisions
•    Gain perspective on your move
•    Make a strategic plan for your move

Implement your strategic plan 
•    Sort, organize, and make decisions about what you have
•    Decide where your furniture will go in your new place
•    Disperse unwanted possessions
•    Custom pack and unpack
•    Oversee movers on moving day
•    Settle in and adjust to your new home

Identify resources
•    Communicate and coordinate with family members
•    Work with experts (Realtors, appraisers, movers, etc.)