About Moving Mentor, Inc.

Moving Mentor, Inc. is based in Amherst, Massachusetts and is one of the oldest move management and consulting companies in the U.S. 

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D., Founder, President/CEO and Teresa Bragg, Partner, VP and Director of Client Services work with individuals, families, professionals, and organizations throughout the Northeast of the U.S. and especially in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts to help meet the needs of seniors in transition. Moving Mentor® also offers consulting services world-wide and has facilitated moves to and from Great Britain, Europe and South Africa.

Welcome to Moving Mentor, Inc. 

Our goal is to provide high quality services, products and information that can mentor you or those you love through times of change in productive and rewarding ways. We are interested in helping people achieve the best quality of life possible while remaining as independent as possible. 

Whether a senior hopes to age in place or relocate, we offer a continuum of services and products to them and their family members to help see them through. If you are an adult child, we have written a book just for you. It offers information, support and guidance when you are facing the daunting task of relocating your aging parent(s) from a home they can no longer manage. More than this, it offers a new way to think about it all! Read more about the Moving Mentor Mindset™.

We are constantly evolving and sharing our new ideas and updated information with the public to help ease the way for you and those you love when things are changing.

How We Are Different

At Moving Mentor®, moving is a process, not an event. We specialize in dealing with the intergenerational issues that can emerge when the needs of aging parents come to the fore. We don’t just move possessions, we remove burdens from two generations. By focusing not only on the tasks of moving but on the emotions, we create peace-of-mind moves. The result is a sense of renewal for all when the move is over. As a professional move management company, we are fully insured and bonded.

Moving Mentor® is a “Green” company! As us about this.