Our Story

In the late 1990s, Barbara Perman helped her own mother with the difficult task of moving out of a house where she had lived for nearly 50 years. A task they had been dreading turned into a rewarding growth experience and spurred Barbara to do more work helping seniors downsize and relocate. She created Moving Mentor to preserve a sense of order and calm in the midst of significant life transitions. With her longtime business partner, Teresa Bragg, Barbara remains in contact with hundreds of families whom they helped over the decades.

Today, Barbara and her team continue to work closely with seniors and their families to create personalized moving plans.  In 2023, Moving Mentor joined forces with Best of Care, Inc., which has been a marvelous development for Moving Mentor clients who require care management (for medical appointments and general wellness) or want to explore their options for assisted living or at-home care.​

The Moving Mentor Mindset can produce a peace-of-mind move for you or someone you love. Call us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation: 413-549-1039.

Who We Are

Barbara Perman, PhD,  is an educator, speaker, executive coach, family consultant and professional organizer. She holds a BA from The University of Pennsylvania, a Masters Degree from Oxford University and a doctorate in Psychology from Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Barbara has been featured in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Hampshire Life, WFCR-Public Radio, and the WGBY Public Television show “Making It Here.” She has been a speaker at many national conferences including the Summer Series on Aging, the National Association of Senior Move Managers, and the National Council on Aging.

Janet Kaplan-Bucciarelli, PhD, has many years of experience teaching, designing, and managing adult education programs. When Moving Mentor helped settle her parents into their new home after a cross-country move, she was deeply grateful and impressed. Janet now uses her creative and strategic thinking skills — and her caring heart — both on-site with clients and behind the scenes, developing our employee training program.

Jody Rosenbloom joined Moving Mentor in 2017 after retiring from her career in Jewish education. She enjoys helping people in life transitions with packing, unpacking and organizing. Paying attention to sustainable next steps, she strives to recycle or repurpose items to minimize waste.

Mary Strunk Sitze, PhD, loves hearing clients' stories and helping them design meaningful living spaces to serve the next chapter of their lives. Behind the scenes, Mary is Moving Mentor's head of operations and marketing. She is (sadly) not related to the famous Strunk & White who wrote Elements of Style.

Judi Wisch balances her role at Moving Mentor with her job at Meals on Wheels. A natural born organizer with a background in conflict resolution, Judi is skilled at helping families organize their paper, photographs, and technology. Judi's pro-tip for managing possessions: "We should all be right-sizing all the time."

Teresa Bragg is a longtime senior living consultant and the former Vice President of Moving Mentor. Her soothing presence makes her an excellent coach and guide for those with ADHD and other cognitive challenges. Teresa ensures that all the details of move become part of a master plan. Her pro-tip: Bring two pairs of shoes for a day of packing or unpacking.