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BOOK: “No Ordinary Move: Relocating Your Aging Parents”

No Ordinary Move Book

Of 78 million Baby Boomers, one turns 50 every seven seconds. 70% of people over 75 still own their own home. Taken together, these facts spell perplexity for millions of adult children. Increasing numbers of Boomers, themselves aging, with overbusy work lives and college-age children, must interrupt their schedules to move their aging parents out of households they can no longer manage. For most, the solution might seem simple: put Mom in a home, her stuff in a dumpster, and get back to the treadmill.Ā 

Enter NO ORDINARY MOVE: Relocating Your Aging Parents, a book that helps readers slow down and reconsider this situation, not as a grim crisis but as a rare opportunity.

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$13.95 per copy for up to 20 copies.

BOOK:  2-CD Set 

CD - No Ordinary Move

No Ordinary Move is now available in CD format as an audio book. Listen to the story of “No Ordinary Move” at your home, or in your car.  The CD set also makes a GREAT GIFT for families or professionals who work with seniors. 

Our MP3 version is perfect for busy, on the go baby-boomers. Download and go!  

$17.95 for 2-CD Set 

101 Ways to Get Yourself Moving 

101 Ways To Get Moving Booklet

This booklet is a comprehensive checklist of tasks that assist you in working through the downsizing process. 

Whether you are thinking about cleaning out and simplifying things where you live, or are hoping to relocate sometime soon, this checklist will help you get going.


Moving-Ready or Not? Booklet

Moving, Ready or Not

The perfect gift for a senior who needs to move and who says “I’m Not Ready”. Using cartoons and quotes from seniors, this booklet creates a readiness for moving. $4.95 

Moving-Ready or Not? Booklets

Moving - 10 Pack

10 Pack, for Professionals. The perfect addition to your marketing toolbox. These booklets can help seniors to be ready to make a move that will ultimately give them renewed life.


Phone/E-Mail Consultations

Do you have questions about the moving process? Are you feeling alone in trying to make decisions or make plans? Are you overwhelmed with the logistics and details concerning the things to be moved as well as the people? If you are moving or are helping a loved one move, call or e-mail us (Contact Us) for help and support.

$125.00/ Hour (Prorated)


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