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Organizing and Support Services

Getting Yourself or a Loved One Organized

The thought of remaining in your home brings up questions: How can I organize my "stuff" so I know where things are? How can I stay on top of my paperwork? How can I make my environment safe? How can I begin to give some things to family or share family treasures with loved ones? Moving Mentor® offers organizing and support services to address these concerns. We have added these services over the years in response to former clients who have come back to us for additional help because they want the renewed peace of mind that working with Moving Mentor® can bring.

We help you . . .

Set goals and priorities

  • Make meaningful decisions
  • Break tasks down into manageable units
  • Systematize time and routines

Downsize and De-clutter

  • Organize closets, attic, basement, other storage areas
  • Sort and label possessions and create inventories
  • Arrange for appraisals and sale of possessions
  • Coordinate dispersement of possessions to family, charities, auction houses
  • Arrange for removal of unwanted items

Organize paperwork

  • Locate and update/revise vital documents (wills, insurance policies, medical forms, financial papers)
  • Set up filing systems and home offices
  • Sort, organize and follow up on mail
  • Create master lists of account numbers, contacts, passwords and pin numbers

Do Daily Financial Management

  • Pay bills / supervise bill paying
  • Balance checkbook
  • Track donations
  • Organize and maintain receipts
  • Gather and arrange documents for tax preparation
  • Provide referrals and arrange for appraisals

Work on Legal and Insurance Matters

  • Locate and organize vital documents
  • Facilitate estate settlement: inventory home contents, gather records and documents
  • Accomplish end-of-life moves / cleanouts

Our support and organizing services are on-site. We do our work with you in your own surroundings. Massachusetts, Connecticut and the New York metropolitan area are generally our range for doing this work, though we travel beyond this area upon request. If you are interested in this service,  click here.