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Services for Individuals and Families

Services for Individuals and Family Members

Moving Mentor® offers three basic kinds of services: moving management services, organizing/ support services, and consulting services. Whether it is for you or for a loved one you are concerned about, we have services to ease the way.

  1. Moving Yourself or a Loved One -  Moving Mentor® can help you plan your move and move your plan. We specialize in listening to your needs, creating a strategic plan customized for your situation, and helping implement the plan. Go to Moving Management Services.

  2. Getting Yourself or a Loved One Organized - If you are staying where you are, Moving Mentor® offers organizing and support services that enable you to live in a calm and ordered way. We can help you downsize and de-clutter, organize paperwork, do daily financial management so that you feel more in control, more independent, more secure - reassured.  Go to Organizing/Support Services.
  3. Consulting Services - Our consulting services provide an opportunity for you to clear the way so you can set goals and priorities, make meaningful decisions, organize your thinking, gain perspective and discover what is best for you. When we consult with you, you receive the benefit of our experience and our fresh ideas.  When was the last time you had someone's undivided attention? We are here to offer it to you. Go to Consulting Services.
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