Moving Mentor Helps People Move - With Ease.

Our specialty is working with seniors and their family members. We can manage all aspects of the move, including strategizing and planning, downsizing, packing and helping clients resettle in their new surroundings. In addition, we offer home and office organizing and support services as well as in-depth consulting concerning all kinds of transitions. While our on-site work is primarily in the Northeast U.S., especially New York City and New England, our phone and email consulting extends world wide. We continue to offer our personalized services to you, now with Covid-19 safety protocols in place.

The Moving Mentor Mindset®

Just contemplating a move, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed. Since moving is challenging, we concentrate on making it as stress-free as possible. At Moving Mentor® we say that moving is a process, not an event. We have identified “4 Stages of the Moving Process” and our staff guides you through each stage so you can feel balanced, organized, and in control. We’re not just moving possessions, we’re removing burdens so that when the move is completed, people feel renewed. We are transforming the whole idea of moving from a dreaded event to an opportunity. 

Barbara Perman, Ph.D., is president of Moving Mentor, Inc.  As a seasoned consultant, she is at her best when working closely with families to create personalized moving plans, coaching adult children over the phone, and giving presentations and workshops about creating readiness for moving. She has recently introduced The Moving Mentor Mindset™ – a unique way to produce a peace-of-mind move for you or someone you love.